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Richard H. Lord - dba Upward Concepts
Durham, NH 03824

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embedded micro-controller firmware development


Products developed by Dick Lord


At Agilent Technologies (2000-2001) as design team leader 

  N1690A Datacom Test Module - HSSI interface, PLL clock generation, mechanical packaging concepts

  N1676A/N1677A STM4/OC12 SDH/SONET Test Module - Optical and electrical front-ends, clock references

At Current Technology, Inc. (1997-1999) as part of design team 

  OC-Drop/OC-Gen SONET Overhead Tester - architecture, OC48, OC3/12 front ends, PLL clock references
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  S-bus ATM analyzer - DS3/OC-3 front-end, ATM processor main board, architecture, mechanical design
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For uPward Concepts - music synthesizer products (1984-1986)
  Enhancements to Ensoniq Mirage operating system to provide micro-tonal and sophisticated MIDI capability

For the Marine Systems Engineering Lab at UNH (1980-1983) 
  Developed on-board 68000 based control system for EAVE autonomous underwater robot

For Biotrine Corp, Woburn, MA (1976-1981) 
    Developed several pulmonary function testers (spirometers) based on embeded 6800 micro,
        on Apple II, TRS-80 IV, IPM-PC and several other platforms.