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The B&M / MeC Mountain Division

My model railroad and its trackplans

Provided for historic information

Construction was halted in 2008 and the project has been abandoned !

Update 2007: The peninsula has been completed but the upper deck and the MeC trackage has been abandoned. The lower deck will represent 1960's industrial switching on the B&M in the seacoast area. Having been on the operating crew of several railroads in the last few years, I've discovered that my original plan had less operational interest than I wanted (particularly with regard to the Mountain Division) and that the upper deck would crowd the operating areas. Furthermore, it seemed too ambitious for my leisurely pace. More details later this year.


The B&M / MeC Mountain Division is a double-deck H0 layout which is presently under construction. At this time, the lower-deck Boston staging is nearly completed and some temporary track allows limited operation. The upper deck backdrop, lighting and some track at Crawfords are partly completed. The peninsula has not yet been built and no scenery has begun.


I have been involved in the DCC standards effort from the start. This layout will incorporate DCC for its control system.


These web pages are my concept of a different way to present a trackplan, using a hypertext type of environment. The concept is still evolving. At this time, several pages are incomplete and several of the photos need to be re-scanned. However, I'm interested in feedback on the concept. Please re-visit the site periodically to watch it evolve.

If you would like to find out more or wish to comment on the website or trackplan, send email to Dick Lord (rhlord@comcast.net)


My layout:

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